Knitted roving blanket - extreme knitting with 45mm needles

tiistai 30. kesäkuuta 2015

Yesterdays project: knitted blanket of wool roving.

I have knitted a lot of blankets and throws but not one of wool roving lately. There are quite many yarn sellers in Etsy who sell plain wool roving as yarn. The difference between wool roving and yarn is that wool roving is not spinned nor felted so it is just raw wool. It is very delicate and very sensitive. I would not recommend it for finished knits as it pills very easily. But as I had my new 45mm needles waiting for me I decided to test them with wool roving as the thickness is just perfect.

First I just casted on 15 stitches. And then just knit all odd rows and purl the other ones. Knitting is fast, one knits about 1 kilo an hour.

It took about 3,5 hours to finish this blanket. Blanket size is 100cm x 150cm. I used 3 kilos of dusty rose coloured wool roving (Fat Wool Merino) (

This blanket look nice and fluffy but I will felt it a little bit to avoid pilling and shedding.

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  1. Wow, that is beautiful. Thinking of purchasing wool and having a go.
    Could you please explain how you felted your project?


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