TJOCKT & Fashion student Kim Giryung

perjantai 29. toukokuuta 2015

TJOCKT sponsored fashion student Kim Giryung with fat yarns. Kim chose light pastel colours for his graduate knit collection. All yarns used in these knits are Fat&Sassy Merinos. My personal favourite is this light pink sweater with massive fringes. Colours used here are powder and milk. Both colours are custom shades but we will have them both as stock colours after summer holidays.

In this super chunky jacket is used Fat&Sassy Merino yarn in colours sunrise and milk. We will have sunrise as stock colour as of next fall.

The yarn used here is Fat&Sassy Merino in colour milk which is whitest white. In this garment I like the  nice combination of different materials and textures. Especially the finishing and how the two materials are combined looks fabulous!

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