Knitted summer clutch

maanantai 1. kesäkuuta 2015

I have had a major knitting problem for several days now. I have had 35mm needles and natural grey merino and too many ideas. No results. Just knitting, starting over again and no result.

I decided to change material. I have had this t-shirt yarn on top of my storage shelf for a year now and now it was time. I used 12 mm needles and double t-shirt yarn.

Quite rarely I decide what to knit in advance. I just start knitting and see what it will turn out to be. Now I just purled 18 stitches and started knitting.

Hmmm....what it could be. The colour and material would be perfect for a pillow on a bed. It would make a lovely combination with linen sheets.

It would look nice on a sofa too!

I think this coral t-shirt yarn would spice this up.

I take 8mm crochet hook and crochet the short sides together and the long sides separately.

Here is demonstrated how to knit a cord. First you just crochet two chains and then you keep the stitch on your hook and pull the hook through the other chain so that you have two stitches on your hook. Then you slip the latter off the hook, pull the yarn through the first stitch, then you "knit" the other stitch with the hook and start over. Drop the leftmost stitch, pull the yarn through the first stitch and then the second stitch. And over again. 

The cord I made was about 20cm long.

I also made a tassel and attached it to the corner as well as the knitted cord. Summer clutch is ready to go!

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